Engagement Sessions

Liz & Steve's wedding is featured in the Wedding Galleries. We flew to Hawaii to document for them. At the meeting a few days before the wedding we decided we would go for a drive and explore a little and take some images. We were all running so late and ended up chasing the sun, but we laughed the entire time. Liz wore her reception dress for part of the shoot, I loved that we ended up being able to shoot some portraits in it because we wouldn’t have been able to on the wedding day. She fel ... READ MORE
The coolest girls alive, sometimes I feel my clients are just too cool for me and this was definitely the case with Sally and Anna. The session started at home with them relaxing with their puppies and finished in Fremantle with a relaxed walk around enjoying the last light. READ MORE
This session was shot entirely on film. Erin and Stu didn’t mind, we wondered and played. For that I love the images, there were no expectations, just fun with a camera and each other. READ MORE