After really debating on whether we wanted to hold onto our gorgeous office space/studio in Subiaco, Jen from Anna Rose and I have decided that we are just not there enough to make use of the place we’ve shared together.  I do all of my editing from home and am in the studio perhaps 5% of the time during wedding season, which means for me personally it’s just easier to work from home.  It is a magical place to greet future client and has an editing room and a beautiful portrait room which is elegant and sweet and the morning light in there is perfect for a natural light studio.  We’ve used the space for family, baby, pregnancy and even wedding portraits.  And it’s located in the heart of beautiful Subi, what more could you want??

If you are interested in more info about the space please either contact myself, natasja@nkphotography.com.au or Jennifer, love@annaroseblog.com for more info :)

The portrait below is of Jen’s little one taken in the studio last year :)