January 23, 2017


Personal Weddings

Here are but a few, a snippet, man it’s hard to choose favourites from last year. I have loved photographing for all my beautiful couples, have been able to squeeze in some personal work which I’m so grateful for, am sharing a beautiful little space with 2 of my favourite people, so when I look at 2016 that way it’s been utter magic. There were some bumps personally but gosh what are they if we learn from them, I know it’s been like that for a few people, 2016 was tricky like that. Here’s to 2017, filled with travel and more personal work and shooting for more amazing people. I’m lucky enough to be heading to Singapore in June and France in July, I’ll keep you posted on the various social media channels.

I hope you enjoy these, there’s wedding work, some travel snaps and a few personal work images. I didn’t have as much time to filter through the thousands of images I’ve taken in 2016 so it’s not as refined and thorough as I would have liked. I may do another fav post next month, a take 2. Let me know what you think?

Giulia mazza 05:29 January 23, 2017 Reply
Kremers I love you and I love your work. Thank you for letting us all into your world xx